The best winter hats in the world - Ushanka.

Time-tested over decades of use by the hardy Russians to withstand their harsh winters.

Made in Russia from the highest quality locally manufactured materials only!

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The unity of the party and the people - Unbreakable


Brezhnev met Nikita Khrushchev in 1931, shortly after joining the party. Before long, he became Khrushchev's protege as he continued his rise through the ranks. He was Party First Secretary of the Moldavian SSR from 3 November 1950 to 16 April 1952. As first secretary of Communist Party of Moldavia, Brezhnev liquidated and deported thousands of ethnic Romanians from Moldavian SSR and instituted forced collectivization. During Brezhnev's time there, he was responsible for the removal of as many as 250,000 people from Moldavian SSR to other parts of the Soviet Union. Stalin died in March 1953, and...learn more
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