The best winter hats in the world - Ushanka.

Time-tested over decades of use by the hardy Russians to withstand their harsh winters.

Made in Russia from the highest quality locally manufactured materials only!

Great and useful gift for Christmas!

Protect the world (peace)!

The Russian word mir, besides its direct meanings of peace and world (the two words are actually etymologically cognate and not arbitrarily homonyms), had some other meanings related to social organization in Imperial Russia.
The first meaning was to denote the secular ("worldly") part of the society organization, as opposed to church organization. The second meaning was used in Imperial Russia to denote local self-government of a peasant community, called obshchina. More specifically, this word refers to a village or community with the idea that all members of a community must work together cooperatively to assure mutual survival (thus the sharing of work, food and, in the cold winter months, warmth)....learn more
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