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From the union of working people, we will expel drinkers! Из рабочей гущи, выгоним пьющих. 1929

The poster was released in 1929, in the beginning year of the fight against alcoholism of 1929-1930. It was created by I. Yang and A. Chernomyrdik. On the dark background of the poster, closer to the top, there is a face of a drunkard. His hands pouring vodka from a bottle into a shot glass. Below the man is his factory, and vodka he spills is heavily raining on it. The poem with white letters on blue:

In a small glass
in this one
may sink
a huge factory

The bottom slogan on the poster is in a form of poem, created by V. Mayakovskiy in 1929: "From the union of working people,
(we) will expel(kick out) drinkers!"
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