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For the motherland! 1942

Soviet political poster "For the Motherland!" was created in 1942 by the artist Kokorekin Alexei Alekseevich. A poster dedicated to the act of heroism of the seaman Stepan Ermolenko. In the foreground of the poster Stepan is throwing a grenade at the enemy. He is wounded and bleeding. A body of another seaman is on the ground showing no signs of life...

On the bottom of the poster there is text which tells more about the hero.
"Love your Motherland more than (your own) life" - this is the battle slogan of the heroic Soviet seamen.
Seaman, junior commander Stepan Ermolenko received a command - to perseveringly defend the line. Eight times the Germans attacked Ermolenko and his unit and eight times the Germans choked in their own blood. After repel ling the enemy, the sailors threw themselves at the Germans.
Against one sailor there were 10-12 fascists. Ermolenko was surrounded by more than 20 Germans. Two grenades thrown by him lay exactly on target, killing up to 10 Germans. Seven hours defended their line valiant sailors. They exterminated more than two hundred Germans, but they did not retreat, and did not surrender their positions to the enemy."
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