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Down with drunkards! Долой пьяниц, заявим громко! 1929

Soviet social poster "Down with drunkards!" is against drunkenness at the workplace, as a result, many irreparable damages happened. The poster was released in 1929, in the year of the deployment of the fight against alcoholism of 1929-30, and it was created by I. Yang and A. Chernomyrdik. The poster shows drunk worker, who is operating a drilling machine, with a bottle under arm, and a product he is working on is breaking down. The poster is made in red and black colors, enhancing the perception of the image theme. The slogan on the poster is in a form of poem, created by V. Mayakovskiy in 1929:
"Down with the drunkards!
We say loudly:
from drunks (we)
only (get)
disorderly conduct and breakdowns."
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