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We are for peace! 1947
No! (net!) 1954
(let's) Hit!
From the union of working people, we will expel drinkers! 1929
Down with drunkards! 1929
Merciless fighting with the thieves of communal property! 1932
Kick out healers! They do not cure, but despoil and cripple! 1959
Cinema - to masses! 1946
Do not drink away life! 1977
Lgbt flag pencil is splitting a bomb
Fight hooliganism! 1956
(we will) Eradicate this evil! 1959
Hooligan - to justice! 1958
He learned one skill 1956
Get the spongers out from warm places! 1961
From the workers team we will kick drunks out. 1966
Leash must be strong! 1974
CCCP.  Sport - is health,  will and courage! 1957
Two kids better than one! 1968
Peace to the children of the whole planet.
1 Ruble. Here is our profit! 1965
Value every minute at work! 1964
Trading culturally - is a respectable job!
(we) Will serve culturally each (and every) visitor!
At labor time (some people) work at night time as well!
Breed rabbits! 1957
(lets) Develop (the) blue virgin lands! 1964
Komsomol members to the udarnik sowing

A Few Days from the Life of I. I. Oblomov. 1979.

The poster for the movie

'White Sun of the Desert' movie (film) poster. 1970.

'We'll Live Till Monday' movie (film) poster, directed by S. Rostovskiy 1968

'Ballad of a Soldier' movie (film) poster, directed by G. Chukhray 1961

Movie (film)  Poster

Moviet poster
Volga-Baltic Waterway named after V.I. Lenina 1965
The Golden Age or The Age of Gold 1982
Unusual Concert
Circus. Clown Yengibarov
Salute. Jas-State Orchestra
Circus. Tamer of lions Irina Bugrimova...

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